Stories and anecdotes

Stories and anecdotes

Cannonball in the garden

According to the locals, our hotel stands on the ruins of Fort Concepción.

It is very difficult to follow the paths of history due to many environmental influences such as earthquakes and fires which have over the years destroyed the archives and also sometimes entire hills.

What a surprise when planting the garden! On digging up the rose bed, a cannonball rolled out of the ground! Is it a remnant of the bombardment by Sir Francis Drake, the English privateer who once sailed into the bay?

The Devil's Cave - Truth or Myth?

When we first came to this house, we were told the horror stories of the “Cueva del Civato”, the “Devil’s Cave” just beneath our house, where countless innocent citizens were robbed and murdered.

Does it really exist, or is it just a myth? We discovered that our house stands on the cliff where the entrance to the mysterious cave used to be. The former owner of the house told us about his childhood and his adventures in the cave. One day his father realised the danger of the children's escapades and the entrance to the cave was bricked up. Only the stories lived on like the memorial plaque at the foot of the steps to the harbour.


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