El Cornelio

Our property at the foot of La Campana National Park in the Las Palmas de Olmué region.

Pure nature

For the nature lovers among our guests, we offer something special: El Cornelio, a place to experience nature, silence and solitude. The landscape captivates with the barren beauty of the Mediterranean climate zone with its typical hard-leaf vegetation (bosque esclerófilo).


EL CORNELIO is located close to the village Las Palmas of the municipality of Olmué. The 7.5 ha site is 900 m above sea level. The granite cliffs of the Carrizo ravine run through the Mediterranean forest. Part of our sustainability project is our newly planted palm grove. El Cornelio has toilets with organic composting facilities and a photovoltaic system. Our wine cellar is also located in our "Casa Patronal", a recently completed 7-sided clay building. Here our guests can taste the wonderful Chilean wine. One of our main attractions is the traditional Chilean clay oven, which invites you to bake your own empanadas.

After a cocktail, you can admire the sunset over the valley as the Milky Way stretches across the house at night.

Between Andes and Ocean

EL CORNELIO is located 60 km from Valparaiso on the slope of Cerro El Roble (2222 m), with a view of Cerro Punta Imán (which is especially known for its energetic and magnetic radiation)


  • Las Lajas: gigantic granite rocks
  • Quartz mine
  • Palm grove
  • Enchanted "Molle"
  • Empanadas and other delicacies from the traditional Chilean clay oven ("Make your own empanada")
  • Cactus garden
  • The big palm tree and the rocks of the little owl
  • Rocks for yoga and meditation
  • Bird watching
  • Meet the donkey FLORA, our mascot
  • Wine tasting

Our offer

(Please contact us directly by e-mail for prices and availability)

Day trip (full day)

Hike with explanations on fauna and flora, lunch from the clay oven, wine tasting, free time to spare.

Exclusive overnight stay

Exclusive overnight stay for 2 - max. 4 people, wine tasting, romantic dinner, sunset with cocktail, pure sea of stars, breakfast over the valley, guided hike, lunch from the clay oven

Our commitment to sustainability: ecotourism

We protect our endangered nature

The same rules apply as in the national parks:

  • No fires allowed (Ley n.20.653)
  • No smoking
  • Do not bring pets
  • Do not leave any waste behind
  • Stay on the paths
  • Do not touch/feed plants and animals

What visitors need:

  • Suitable clothing and shoes
  • Sun protection and headgear
  • LA FLORA Experiencia provides aluminum water bottles and plenty of refills

palm tree

Our sustainability project

The Chilean palm is endemic to the Valparaíso Region.
Jubaea chilensis grows in the Chilean Mediterranean climate zone with cold, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. It is the only variety of palm trees outside the tropical zone.

The palm tree has a very slow growth. The first 15 years only reaches 1 m of growth. Only at the age of 80 it starts to give flowers and seeds (small cups of 2 cm in diameter).

Due to the loss of its habitat, the abundant use of its fiber and the famous palm honey, and the plagues of rodents which eat the fruits, today the Chilean palm is in danger of extinction.
On a piece of land in Las Palmas de Olmué, AYCA LA FLORA is reforesting the Chilean palm.

For each guest, we promise to take care of more Palmas. At least 2% of the value of your stay will be reinvested in the care of the palms.