Our contribution to a future worth living

Our contribution to a future worth living

With your stay in our boutique hotel, you automatically support our nature reserve project: On "EL Cornelio" ( 7 hectares, 60 km northeast of Valparaiso) we plant and cultivat the Chilean palm tree (lat. Jubaea chilensis) which is an endangered plant. By now we planted already 29 palm trees, which is more than we had originally intended but we are thrilled and more than happy about it.

For them to grow and reproduce we have also built an artificial water reservoir: This way the rainwater that only flows down the gorge a couple of times a year is saved and used for watering palm trees and other endemic plants like Quillay, Peumo, Molle, Belloto del Norte or Quebracho.
Come and visit us – we'd love to welcome you on our premises and make your visit unique and special.

Wait for more suprises....

We are preparing more experiences: "Flora Experiencias".

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